The Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors approved a revised Expanded Mission at its August 2008 Board Meeting to reflect new priorities. The Expanded Mission includes the following key elements:

  • Advance and implement the SR-47 Expressway/Heim Bridge Replacement to provide an alternative route from Terminal Island, a major generator of port-related truck traffic. It will provide a more direct route to warehousing facilities in the South Bay and the 405 and 91 Freeways, routing trucks away from local surface streets and the 710 and Harbor Freeways.
  • Advance and implement the Cerritos Channel Rail Bridge to add rail capacity to the existing two-track lift bridge over the Cerritos Channel linking Terminal Island to the Alameda Corridor, enabling better use of on-dock rail loading and reduced trucking.
  • Analyze the feasibility of a Zero Emissions Electric Container Mover System project in the port terminals and near-dock rail facility areas, in coordination with SCAG, Metro, and the Gateway Cities Council of Governments.
  • Find and propose alternative sites to relocate empty container storage yards away from residential neighborhoods.