AGENDA - DECEMBER 10, 2020 AT 8:45 A.M.


Audit Committee
of the

Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority

This meeting is being conducted via teleconference in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 issued on March 17, 2020.
A physical location will NOT be available for public observance of the meeting or public comment.

Information to Attend by Phone:
Dial: (669) 900 - 9128
Meeting ID: 820 8268 2016

Public Comment or Questions about Agenda Items should include
the senders name and contact information

Email (until 9:00 am Wednesday, December 9, 2020)
Text Message (until Adjournment of Meeting)
(562) 270-5378

Print a copy of the Agenda in PDF format.


A.        Roll Call
B.        Opening Statement
C.        Agenda Items

1. Approval of the minutes of the special meeting of November
15, 2019 of the Audit Committee of the Alameda Corridor
Transportation Authority (APPROVAL)

111519 Minutes

2. Moss Adams discussion of Audited Financial Statements for
FYE June 30, 2020 and Single Audit (APPROVAL)

Transmittal 1
Transmittal 2
Transmittal 3

3. Review of Completed Service Provider Audits (INFORMATION)

Transmittal 1

4. Approval of FY 2021-2022 Audit Plan (APPROVAL)

Transmittal 1

5. Public comment

6. Adjournment



As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA) does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities.  Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, and translation services may be provided.  To ensure availability, 72-hour advance notice is required.  Contact the ACTA Office at (562) 247-7777.

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