Additional Control Points Project

Project Description/Overview
The Additional Control Points Project included the installation and modification of railroad signal and highway grade crossing systems to support the extension of Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) on Pacific Harbor Lines’ (PHL) Long Beach Subdivision track between Control Point Gaspur to a new Control Point near Ocean Blvd. and on the San Pedro Subdivision from the existing Control Points at Dominguez and Anaheim to the existing Transfer Junction switch.

The scope of work included:

  • Providing insulated rail joints in existing track for CTC operations.
  • Converting existing hand-throw switches to power operated dual control switches.
  • Constructing new intermediate signal points and signal towers.
  • Modifying existing highway grade crossing circuits and equipment.
  • Constructing new Control Points within the new CTC boundaries.
  • Modifying circuits and equipment at existing Control Points.
  • Installing new ATCS radios, antennas, tilt structures, foundations, and associated apparatus.
  • Excavating and disposing of contaminated soils.
  • Modifying trackwork required to support new signals and grade crossing systems.
  • Calibrating, inspecting, testing, and placing new systems into operation.
Construction work was completed in Fall 2006.