CP West Thenard Track Connection Phase 1

(Known also as K-Pac Track Connection)

Project Description/Overview
Located in the community of Wilmington near the intersection of Alameda Street and Pacific Coast Highway, the K-Pac Track Connection Project was one of several Corridor projects added to the program by ACTA, the Ports and the Railroads in 2001. Construction began in 2007.

This project provides a signalized track connection from the BNSF Railway's Watson Yard to the former Southern Pacific Railroad’s San Pedro Branch and an alternate connection from Long Beach Lead to the Corridor.  The project also included utility relocations and protections.  The former BNSF connection to the K-Pac facility was removed and BNSF now shares UP's connection to the K-Pac facility.

The project was put into service on July 24, 2008.