Proposals were due May 17, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.

RFP for Alameda Corridor Maintenance Services

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1. RFP for Alameda Corridor Maintenance Services

A- Draft Maintenance Agreement
B- Rail Corridor Track Charts
C- ACTA Maintenance Yard Location
D- Sample Annual Budget Forms
E- UPRR Track and Signal Standards and Exceptions
F- Inspection of Structures
G- Roadway-Highway and Railroad Crossing List
H- Pump Stations Discharge Sequence and Operation and Maintenance Manual
I- Track and Signal Inspection Schedules
J- Training Requirements
K- Utility Types and Placement
L- Division of Maintenance Responsibility
M- Emergency Ladders in Trench
N- AEI Reader Locations
O-Qualifications of Key Personnel
P- Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Forms
Q- Cost Proposal Forms


2. Response to First Round of Written Questions - April 10, 2017
3. Alameda Corridor Use & Operating Agreement and Exhibit A of Agreement
(See First Round Question #17)
4. Appendix Q-Cost Item Forms AP-Q-2 to AP-Q-4 and AP-Q-8
(See First Round Question #5)
5. Pre-Proposal Meeting Presentation and Sign-In Cards
6. Track and Signal Inspection Reports (See First Round Question #30)
7. RFP Addendum #1 Dated April 19, 2017
8. Response to Second Round of Written Questions and Certain Revised Answers to First Round- April 19, 2017
9. Response to Third Round of Written Questions May 1, 2017
10. RFP Addendum #2 Dated May 1, 2017
11. RFP Addendum #3 Dated May 11, 2017
12. Response to Request for Clarification May 11, 2017


-First Round of Written Questions Due: April 5, 2017
-Response to First Round of Questions Issued: April 10, 2017
-Pre-Proposal Meeting and Partial Site Tour: April 12, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
-Second Round of Written Questions Due: April 13, 2017
-Response to Second Round of Questions Issued: April 19, 2017
-Third Round of Written Questions Due: April 26, 2017
-Response to Third Round of Questions Issued: May 3, 2017
-Proposals Due: Revised from May 3, 2017 to May 17, 2017